Elevate incorporates Lift-Foam®, with unique properties to make it different from other sleep surfaces. It tends to be more elastic, responding faster to body motion than memory foam. A Lift-Foam® mattress assists in improving circulation by softening pressure points without the "cocooning" feel, rather, Lift-Foam® tends to provide a "floating" or "weight-less" sensation rather than a "sinking" feel.


Elevate sleep systems create a temperature neutral environment, dissipating heat away from the body.


Lift-Foam® is naturally ventilated, providing 30% more airflow than memory foam or polyurethane foam - creating a cooler, more refreshing sleep environment.


Elevate® fabrics incorporate phase-change technology, which proactively manage heat and moisture to give a better, more comfortable night’s sleep.


Made from natural materials. Sustainable, hygenic, good for you and good for the environment.

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