We know how frustrating shopping for a mattress can be. Between all of the gimmicks, commissions, and used car sales atmospheres, customers pay too much for too little. At Mt. Airy Mattress, we focus on your sleep. We  guide you to your best night sleep at the value that fits your budget. We're family owned and operated, so we don't rely on commission. We bring you a relaxed, informative approach to helping you sleep better.

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Mt. Airy Mattress is committed to providing the consumer with a great sleep product at a fair price.  We will not artificially inflate our prices just to offer “to good to be true” deals.



Why Mt. Airy Mattress?

customer support

We know how big of a decision a new mattress can be. We'll educate you to be able to make the best choice in comfort and value, and never pressure you to buy. We're have free delivery and disposal, and we'll even set up your bed, or move your old mattress to another room in your house. We do our best to make it so you don't have to do any heavy lifting, period.



our family

John and Susie Schoenenberger have been serving the Maryland consumer since 1992. Their transition into the bedding business provides the consumer with a unique opportunity to shop for bedding and accessories in a comfortable and informative environment. After extensive research, they have partnered with top vendors in the industry. The Schoenenbergers do everything they can to provide you with better sleep, better value, for a better life!


Community Support

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Mt. Airy Mattress donates a portion of our profit to charitable causes with every mattress sold. Customers can choose the organization to benefit from their purchases. Local charities, often overshadowed by national campaigns, will receive special attention-helping people within our immediate communities. When you make your purchase, you simply choose where you'd like the donation to go, and we send it in your name.



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